How the U.S. Textile Industry Promotes a Healthy Economy

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Myriad factors influence the health of the U.S. economy. Over the centuries, this economy has experienced many ups and downs. An important part of the upsides is the textile industry. Textile mills in West Texas and throughout the nation help keep the economy healthy. Here’s how:

  • Nationwide reach: The textile industry offers far more than a few textile mills in West Texas. Suppliers, customers and components of this industry can be found in every region of the U.S. It provides jobs in rural areas where many other industries never reach. These jobs help workers rise out of poverty into solid careers in the industry.
  • Defense: Did you know the textile industry is a major contributor to our nation’s defense? Textile mills in West Texas and around the country supply thousands of products each year to our nation’s armed forces.
  • Innovation: The health of our economy hinges on innovative ideas. These generate new products, new jobs and new conveniences. The textile industry is full of high-tech innovation. Products created in textile mills in West Texas become key components in an immense range of parts, from aircraft to medical supplies.
  • Jobs: The U.S. textile industry employs over 500,000 workers. These jobs generate a chain of employment that gives many other workers steady employment as well. It is estimated that every textile manufacturing job supports three other jobs.
  • Income: The economy couldn’t be healthy without profits. We must ship out products to generate income. The textile industry does just that. Each year, billions of dollars of textile and apparel shipments leave our nation. In fact, the U.S. textile industry is the fourth-largest exporter of textiles in the world.
  • Worldwide support: A healthy economy has solid connections with countries worldwide. It requires good trade, with imports and exports that generate revenue and demand. The U.S. textile supply chain supports over 200 countries throughout the globe.
  • Research and development: Without future developments, the economy would come to a standstill. The U.S. is a leader in textile research and development. This industry helps generate next-generation products that make the economy thrive. Examples include electronic textiles, lifesaving body armor and climate-adapting products.
  • Productivity: A productive labor force is essential to a healthy economy. Some industries are better than others at increasing this necessary productivity. Over the last two decades, textile mills in West Texas and around the nation have increased labor productivity by 60 percent.
  • Wages: The textile industry offers solid wages that surpass those received in other fields. Health and pension benefits are also strong in this industry. Workers in textile mills earn far more than clothing store workers. These solid wages help keep the economy healthy by ensuring workers have money to put back into it.

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