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Ways Modern Farming Helps the Environment

February 23, 2021 1:10 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Thanks to modern farming practices, farmers can provide higher-quality foods in greater quantities at lower costs. However, these farms have come under some scrutiny for being detrimental to the environment. Although we understand that modern farms aren’t perfect, we’re happy to say that today’s farmers actually help the environment more than they harm it! This post from your mechanical bearing suppliers in Lubbock, TX will cover the ways in which modern farmers benefit Mother Nature. Topsoil retention Topsoil is an essential component for growing crops and protecting the environment in general. As we saw during the Dust Bowl in the... View Article

What Is a Roller Bearing?

February 3, 2021 12:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re in the market for conveyor components in Lubbock, TX, chances are you seek roller bearings. These essential parts are roller-element bearings that use a cylinder rather than a ball. This design allows better handling for greater radial loads and the ability to accommodate heavier loads than those normally tolerated by ball bearings. They are a favorite with belt conveyor parts and essential to manufacturing. You can also find them in many useful designs. Here are five of them: Cylindrical roller bearings: This bearing uses a cylinder as its main moving part, and its earliest known use was in... View Article

A Short History of Roller Bearings

January 20, 2021 12:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Roller bearings make modern inventions possible. Any machine in motion uses bearings to smooth out operation and reduce friction and wear and tear. While we associate mechanical bearings in Lubbock, TX with current cotton harvesting technology, they have actually been around longer than most people realize. Here is an overview of the history of bearings and their everyday functions. Ancient bearings Rollers eased material movement before humans invented the wheel and continued even when wheel technology was available. People realized that placing logs under heavy objects makes it easier to move them from point A to point B. Cave drawings... View Article

How Do You Know When Roller Bearings Are Bad?

December 29, 2020 7:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Over time, your roller bearings will experience some general wear and tear that may require you to make some repairs or replacements. It’s important to be familiar with the most common causes and types of bearing damage so you can prevent further damage to mechanical bearings and equipment in Lubbock, TX. Doing so will ensure longer-lasting, higher-quality performance. Here are just a few examples of some of the most common types of roller bearing damage and how to recognize their causes: Fatigue spalling: Fatigue spalling is a type of surface damage to the metal or its finishes, and comes in... View Article

All About Mechanical Bearings

August 4, 2020 11:04 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What are mechanical bearings? They are a major component in cotton gins or cotton mills as they help all the parts move in conjunction with each other. M.B. McKee Company, Inc. sells both mounted and unmounted varieties. Since they constantly operate, they are also one of the first parts to wear out, and it’s good to know the answer to the question, “How do mechanical bearings work?” so you can better predict when to replace them. Here are seven types of mechanical bearings you will likely need for your equipment in Lubbock, TX: Ball bearings: This is the most common... View Article

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