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You Need a Roller Conveyor—Here’s Why

October 20, 2021 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

What, exactly, is a roller conveyor? If you’ve ever been through airport security, you’ve probably seen a roller conveyor. This conveyor type makes it easy to transport objects down a line, using either power, manual force or gravity. You’ve probably pushed your carry-on luggage and plastic bins down the rollers, until they eventually meet a conveyor belt. That’s just one of the uses for a roller conveyor—they’re used in many industries for similar purposes. Origin of roller conveyors The first patent for a roller conveyor was granted in 1908. Hymie Goddard of Indiana designed a roller conveyor that used internal... View Article

Repulsion Motors: What You’re Missing Out On

October 13, 2021 4:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A repulsion motor is a type of AC motor that repels similar poles. These motors have been used in a variety of applications, including as traction motors in electric trains. More recent types of electric motors have resulted in repulsion motors becoming obsolete in some settings, but they still have their uses and benefits and are important to consider for your operation. Here’s an overview of what you should know about repulsion motors so you can determine if they’re right for your application. What is a repulsion motor? As mentioned above, a repulsion motor is a type of single-phase electric... View Article

Finding the Right Fit for the Job: Screw Conveyors

October 13, 2021 4:03 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Screw conveyors are crucial tools used to transport bulk materials from one part of a manufacturing or agricultural process to another. But what is a screw conveyor? There are several main categories of screw conveyors on the market, and finding the right one for your application is critical to ensuring efficiency with your operations. Perhaps the most popular type of screw conveyor on the market is the flexible screw conveyor, which is capable of transferring many different types of free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials from place to place. These materials can include granules, pellets, powder and various irregular shapes. In... View Article

Everything You Need to Know About Conveyor Belts

June 17, 2021 10:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Conveyor belts are essential components in manufacturing, making it much easier to move a variety of goods from one place to another without excess use of human labor. But how exactly does a conveyor system work? Read on to learn all you need to know about the many conveyor components in Lubbock, TX that make up a functioning conveyor system. What are the different components of conveyor systems? Conveyor systems are specially designed with all necessary conveyor components in 79404. The main parts include the belt support, the pulley and the drive unit. All conveyor systems contain these parts, but... View Article

Why Quality Matters More Than Ever for Your Business

June 3, 2021 10:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In today’s global economy, you have to do everything you can to make your business stand out. The best way you can do that is by selling a quality product—it goes beyond just the surface appearance of your product to its function and longevity. Creating durable, long-lasting goods starts in a factory setting with advanced conveyor components and mechanical bearings in Lubbock, TX. Here are the top five reasons why quality matters more than ever when it comes to running a successful business. Increasing profitability Research has shown that there’s a direct correlation between quality products and the profitability of... View Article

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