Tips for Maintaining Your Conveyor Components in Lubbock, TX

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Conveyors are an extremely important feature of any textile manufacturing facility. They make your assembly line run efficiently, meaning you must keep them in outstanding operational condition at all times to prevent downtime and potential business losses.

With this in mind, here are a few tips for maintaining your conveyor components in Lubbock, TX:

  • Always have spare parts available: As much as you might not like to think about it, you can rest assured that, at some point, a part of your conveyor will fail. Depending on the part of your conveyor that fails, you could experience some massive production halts for long periods of time if you are not able to quickly replace that part. Plus, the longer you wait to replace a broken part, the more likely it is that some other part of the system will be damaged. Therefore you should always maintain a stockpile of some critical conveyor parts so you don’t have to wait for it to be shipped out to you to get your conveyor up and running again.
  • Keep up with your preventative maintenance: You shouldn’t only plan to pay attention to your conveyor system when it breaks. As with any other piece of mechanical equipment, you need to maintain it regularly to ensure it operates smoothly for years to come. You follow a recommended service schedule with your car (or at least you should), and the same sort of philosophy is true with your conveyor. If you follow a recommended service schedule, your conveyor will last you for a very long time and you will avoid some significant repairs you might otherwise have to make.
  • Perform regular system audits: You should frequently inspect your conveyor system to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. There are often circumstances in which you can hear or smell that something is going wrong before the problem becomes so significant it shuts down the system, but it takes a third party to come in and notice the issue rather than people who work around the system every single day.
  • Keep up to date about obsolete parts: It’s understandable to want to avoid making unnecessary upgrades to your entire conveyor system if what you have still works. However, as a system gets older, there’s always a chance some of your parts and equipment will become obsolete. You should stay up to date about which parts are no longer being manufactured so you can stock up on those parts ahead of time and stretch out the lifespan of your system for as long as you possibly can.
  • Have a good relationship with a maintenance technician: Have one person or company that is your go-to source for conveyor maintenance who you can call up whenever you have an issue. This person will get to know your system quickly and will be able to professionally address any issues you are having with it.

For more information about maintaining your conveyor components in Lubbock, TX, contact M.B. McKee Company, Inc. today.

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