The Role the Textile Industry Plays for Our Military

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When you think of the U.S. military and its suppliers, what comes to mind? You probably think of weapons manufacturers and armored vehicle manufacturers. But did you know that the textile industry is a major supplier for our military? Textile mills in West Texas and around the country play an important role in keeping our military strong.

That role is to provide essential products for the military. Each year, more than 8,000 different items are supplied by the textile industry for use by the U.S. military. Following is a sampling of the types of textile products that make an impact on our armed forces:

  • Uniforms: The military wouldn’t be the same without the proper attire. Textile mills in West Texas and other parts of the country ensure the men and women who serve our nation have the uniforms they need to protect themselves and others. Textile products include footwear, fire-resistant uniforms and extreme cold weather uniforms and gear.
  • Protective gear: The military needs more than decorative and protective uniforms to thrive. The textile industry provides ballistic resistant body armor and helmets, fire-resistant flight suits and coveralls, chemical protective clothing and equipment and firefighting turnout gear. These products are essential to keep military personnel safe in unsafe situations.
  • Defense: To provide an effective defense of our country, the armed forces must be armed with the right products. The textile industry helps supply these essentials. Textile products include webbing, backpacks, pouches, tents, shelters, camouflage systems, aircraft fuel cells, storage tanks and ropes.
  • Offense: Good defenses must be paired with healthy offense. Textile mills in West Texas and other parts of the country supply the military with the equipment it needs to deliver strong offense. These products include parachutes, ship composites, stealth technology, personal flotation devices, communication lines, inflatable boats and harnesses.
  • Emergency gear: Military personnel encounter dangerous situations that require proper emergency response. Without appropriate gear, lives would be lost. Armed with the right equipment, military personnel can save lives, both uniformed and civilian. The textile industry supplies all-weather tarps, blankets, bandages, medical gear and safety belts.
  • Diverse gear: When it comes to military needs, one size does not fit all. The textile industry is equipped to handle the diverse needs of the military. Textile mills in West Texas and other regions tailor apparel and equipment to fully meet the needs of military personnel. When various line items are included in the number, the 8,000 products supplied by the textile industry increases to over 31,000.

Each branch of the U.S. military relies on having the proper equipment to fulfill their duties. The textile industry makes that happen. Whether it is the local textile mill in West Texas or other mills throughout the country, these suppliers help keep our country safe and free. If you’d like to find out more about this essential industry, contact the experts at M.B. McKee Company, Inc. We offer in-depth knowledge, loyal service and superior products to contribute to our nation’s great military personnel.

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