The Cotton Harvest and the Role of the Cotton Gin in Lubbock, TX

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Are you familiar with the cotton harvest? Do you know when and how to properly harvest this commodity for best results? Could you explain the purpose of a cotton gin in Lubbock, TX?

To educate yourself on the process, check out the following FAQ. For additional information, contact your local supplier of cotton gin components in Lubbock, TX.

When is the best time to harvest cotton?

Cotton should be harvested when the cotton moisture content is 12 percent or less. Aim for a time when the surrounding humidity level is less than 60 percent. Keep in mind, when the field contains “dead cotton” (root rot), this decreases efficiency, despite other conditions.

What can be done to prevent root rot?

To help reduce the chances of root rot, use a three-year rotation program on the land. Alternate small grains, sorghum and cotton. To bury the crop residue, use a moldboard plow for deep breaking.

What tasks are necessary to prep for harvesting cotton?

The common practice is to desiccate (dehydrate) cotton between seven and 10 days before it is harvested. This allows the plant’s bolls to break free more easily. The lint, seed, burs and stems will dry and the stalk separates from the bark. If harvesting is delayed more than 10 days after desiccation, the bark deteriorates and the cotton quality will diminish. Another key to a good harvest is to defoliate the plant (remove its leaves). These two preparation steps help increase the efficiency and final production of the harvest.

What is the role of a cotton gin in Lubbock, TX?

A cotton gin separates cotton fibers from cotton seeds. By completing this process mechanically, the production of cotton is greatly increased. However, cotton gins in Lubbock, TX may not be able to keep up with the rate of efficient harvesting techniques. This has made cotton storage a necessity.

What is the proper storage method for cotton seed?

To preserve seed quality, module building is the best way to store cotton seed. Modules are several bales of cotton compressed into one large unit. Once the module is built, it can be covered and temporarily stored at the edge of a field. Place it in a well-drained, compacted site and cover it with a tarp. The module should be 24 to 32 feet long and six to 11 feet high. Its density should be seven to 12 pounds per cubic foot.

When is cotton season?

In Lubbock TX, cotton is typically planted from March to May. It is then harvested in September or October. Some regions of Texas harvest earlier.

Where Can I Find More Answers About Cotton Gins in Lubbock, TX?

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