Some Helpful Cold Weather Safety Tips for Heavy Equipment Operators

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Will you be operating heavy equipment this winter? Do you know the proper safety precautions to take during cold weather? Mechanical bearings in Lubbock, TX and other equipment components often behave differently in frigid temperatures than they do in warmer weather. With this in mind, it’s important to recognize potential risks and take action to reduce them.

To stay safe this winter, use the following cold weather tips. These will help you maximize your work efficiency and minimize your risk:

  • Protect skin from cold burns: Metal components can become quite cold in freezing temperatures. Avoid grabbing handrails or other metal parts without wearing gloves. Freezing metal can cause a cold burn on bare skin. If the skin is moist, it can also stick to the metal and result in painful tearing.
  • Use caution on steps: When working with heavy machinery, operators must often use steps and grip plates. In the winter, these can become dangerously slick. Enter and exit machinery carefully to avoid slips and falls on icy steps.
  • Watch for poor traction: Even if every part of the machinery, down to the smallest mechanical bearings in Lubbock, TX, is operating correctly, icy patches on surfaces can result in poor traction. Keep this in mind as you operate heavy machinery this winter. Proceed with caution and drive slowly, especially on bridges and ramps.
  • Verify routes: Heavy equipment operators can’t leave anything to chance in snow-covered terrain. Snow drifts and ice patches can conceal hazards. Ensure your route is clear and safe before proceeding. Follow traffic lanes to avoid ditches and other potential hazards.
  • Keep things bright: Winter is a dark season. With fewer daylight hours to offer, it can be tough to see safely for proper equipment operation. Be sure to sufficiently light the job site. Headlights aren’t enough—you may need a generator and a bank of lights.
  • Clear windows: Don’t try to work in conditions with poor visibility. Winter weather can cause frost and condensation that make windows difficult to use. Don’t try to keep working if your windows are not clear. Stop work right away if your view becomes impaired. Clean the windows or, if it’s not possible to keep them clear, put the job on pause until conditions improve.
  • Stay hydrated: Making repairs to mechanical bearings in Lubbock, TX in the summer can be a sweltering job. When it’s hot, workers are more likely to remember to drink plenty of water. Keep in mind that consuming plenty of fluids in the winter is essential, too. Watch for dry mouth, headache or dizziness, as these are signs of dehydration.

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