Top 10 Safety Dos and Don’ts for Conveyors

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Failure to adhere to proper safety measures can result in serious injury and major worker’s compensation claims. Putting the right protocols in place can prevent significant loss. When it comes to conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX, certain safety standards should be maintained. Use the following top 10 tips to help maintain a safer setting at your facility.


1. Keep loose articles away from conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX

Clothing, hair and body parts can be easily caught in conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX. Remove rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and any other items that could pose a hazard. Wear appropriate clothing and tie back long hair before approaching a conveyor line.

2. Clear the area

Before starting the operation of a conveyor line, make sure all equipment and personnel are clear of the area. Install a warning system such as a horn to alert everyone in the vicinity that the conveyor system is about to start.

3. Make appropriate use of controls

Ensure that everyone who works with conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX knows the location of emergency stop and start controls for the system. Mark these clearly and train everyone appropriately on their use.

4. Set operator standards

Employees should only be allowed to operate or maintain conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX if they are authorized to do so. They should have proper training on conveyor performance and repairs before they attempt to use or service the system.

5. Make safety a top priority

Training on the safe use of conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX should be integral to your operations. Include safety training in onboarding, provide refresher training regularly to current employees and make any visitors aware of safety concerns while at your facility.


1. Climb on the conveyor

Conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX were not designed for people. Never sit, stand or climb on the conveyor. Doing so can lead to serious injury. It can also cause significant damage to the system.

2. Remove safety features

Conveyor guards and safety divides were put there for a reason. Do not move or remove these features.

3. Work on conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX while the system is live

Don’t perform any maintenance unless the system has been blocked or disconnected from power. Use a lockout system to ensure power remains off while the system is under service.

4. Mistreat controls

Modifications to controls or the misuse of controls can lead to unsafe working conditions. If changes need to be made to the system, make sure only qualified personnel perform these adjustments.

5. Ignore issues

Any questionable or unsafe conditions should be reported immediately. Everyone who works with conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX should be trained to notify a supervisor if any issues arise, no matter how minor they may seem.

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