Most Common Types and Uses for Conveyor Belts

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The conveyor belt that helps reconnect you with your luggage after a flight is quite different from the conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX that are used to filter out toxins from products. Did you know there are a variety of conveyor belt types and uses?

Found in a broad range of industries and settings, conveyor belts and conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX are diverse in their application. Following are a few of the most common conveyor belt types and uses.

General Use Conveyor Belts

These are the ones you see at the airport. You’ll also find them at the grocery store, in milling industries and in mines. These solid belts are made of rubber or fabric and are used to move materials from point A to point B. If the conveyor is used for handling bulk materials, it is commonly made of rubber. For other applications, such as retailers, PVC or polyester may be used.

Filter Belts

Industries that need to separate parts or filter out toxins can use conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX to do so. This style of belts allows particles to pass through, effectively draining the material on the belt. These conveyor systems are often made of synthetic fibers or metal.

Woven Metal Belts

This style of conveyor belt features interlinked chains or wires that facilitate drying. Industries such as food and electronics use these woven belts to assist with cooling and drying methods.

Hinged Belts

Hinged conveyor belts typically feature metal conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX. These metal belts offer durability to withstand harsh use. Their hinged feature provides a flat surface that can rotate around the system on interlocking hinges. This style of conveyor is often used for scrap and recycling applications.

Plastic Interlocking Belts

This conveyor style offers an alternative to metal and fabric belts. Plastic belts are often used in the automotive industry and the food industry. If the belts need frequent replacement or cleaning, such as when dealing with food, these plastic parts are a good choice.

Which conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX are best for your application?

Not all conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX are suitable for every setting. The right parts depend on what you will be transporting, how far it needs to travel and any other needs of your operations. These factors will dictate the material and style of conveyor belt you need. Contact your local specialists in conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX to determine the best solution for your setting.

Get the Right Parts

Successful operations depend on the use of quality parts. To choose the best conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX for your needs, contact the experts at M.B. McKee Company, Inc. Locally owned and operated, we’ve been delivering excellence in products, services and engineering to customers throughout the region since 1943. Our products include bearings, belts, chains, conveyor systems, gearing, lifts, motors, drives, product separation, tools, valves and fittings. Reach out to us today with any questions or to place your order for high-quality conveyor parts in Lubbock, TX.

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