Tips for Maintaining Electrical Motors and Controls

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If you’re going to have electrical motors and equipment that last for a long time, you need to prioritize the development of a rigorous, thorough maintenance program.

Any time there is an unscheduled production stoppage or a long shutdown for the purposes of repair, that’s going to cost your business a significant amount of money, not just in paying for the repairs, but also in the lost income potential. This means that, by putting the financial and time investment into a preventative maintenance program in Lubbock, TX, you stand to save yourself a significant amount of money in the long run. This means getting the proper tools and instruments you need for maintenance work, establishing a relationship with professional technicians to assist you when needed and developing in-house practices to avoid or deal with down times and make sure all equipment is kept in good condition.

Tips to keep in mind

Your first step to developing a preventative maintenance program is going to be determining which approach is best suited for your operation. It’s going to need to be a program that is effective while staying within your maintenance budget. Consider the kind of equipment you’ll need, the amount of time it will take to perform inspections and the cost of services you can expect for internal or external technicians to perform the maintenance work. Which procedures are most essential, and will you need to bring in a service organization, or do you have electricians working for you who can perform these inspections?

Next, you’ll need to choose the best motor maintenance techniques to use for your facility. You’re going to have a lot of different types of motors, controllers and other related sorts of equipment, which means there are going to be a lot of different corresponding maintenance methods for those pieces of equipment. You’ll need to select the best methods for the equipment you have, and determine the extent to which they’ll need to be maintained.

One common example: should you check for bearing troubles on motors by listening for unusual sounds or checking for unusual operational temperatures, or do you need to take more thorough steps, installing temperature monitoring and using instruments like infrared scanners or stethoscopes for making inspections? That’s just one example of the kind of issue you’ll need to take into account when figuring out the methods of inspection and maintenance you’ll employ.

While the specifics of your preventative maintenance plan will vary based on your setup, there are certain elements of preventative maintenance in Lubbock, TX that will be the same no matter what. Bearings will always need to be inspected, because bearing failures are among the most common causes of motor failures. Parts will always need to be lubricated to prevent heat and friction issues and to ensure efficient operation. You’ll need to inspect rotors, belts, brushes, commutators, motor mounts and stators, among other parts. You’ll need to perform vibration tests, and keep thorough records of all maintenance steps you take.

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