What Are the Different Types of Bearings and Their Roles?

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Bearings reduce friction and regulate motion in machinery. This essential component reduces the load that the parts of a machine have to bear. Since machinery varies greatly, there are many types of bearings in Lubbock, TX.

For optimal results, technicians must choose the best bearing for each job. Use the following overview of types of bearings in Lubbock, TX to select the right bearing for your equipment.

Ball bearings

These are a popular choice due to their flexibility. If machinery is not aligned perfectly, ball bearings can still work effectively. They are circular in shape and house several small balls. When the part they support moves, ball bearings reduce friction. They bear the load for both the radial and axial weight.

Plain bearings

If you’ve ever removed a furniture drawer, you’ve probably seen plain bearings. This is the most basic type of bearing. It does not feature any rollers or balls. Made of a flat surface, it allows gliding movement such as the kind needed for drawers. Their purpose is to reduce friction between two flat surfaces.

Fluid bearings

Fluid bearings feature liquid instead of balls or rolling components. The fluid helps reduce friction as well as take the load off the moving part. Typical fluids for these types of bearings in Lubbock, TX include oil and water.

Roller bearings

These bearings are also referred to as rolling element bearings. They feature balls or rollers in circular shaped races. These races bear the load weight and create a seamless roll for moving parts. Roller bearings are a good choice for heavy radial loads. However, they are not very effective if used for heavy thrust loads.

Magnetic bearings

This unique style of bearing is helpful when contact between parts must be limited. The magnets levitate the parts, so there is no contact or friction at all. The powerful magnets allow smooth movement and offer a good alternative to traditional roller bearings. Keep in mind they will only work when used on appropriate metal materials.

Which type of bearing is best?

If you need to choose from the various types of bearings in Lubbock, TX for your project, contact your local bearings supplier for a quick consultation. This professional input can prove invaluable, as it allows you to enjoy the best ROI from your machinery. Choosing the wrong type of bearing will reduce the effectiveness of the component and could even cause damage to your equipment. However, choosing the right component will help extend the lifespan of machinery and allow for smooth operation.

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