Six Dump Pit Safety Rules That Could Save Your Life

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Dump pits are a critical part of the harvest, but if you don’t observe basic safety tips, you could suffer serious injuries on the job. Long hours, fatigue and distraction are common during harvest season, and worker injuries and fatalities become more common in these situations. Don’t take your safety for granted—read these dump pit safety tips in Lubbock, TX and make sure your workers are always protected:

  • Never walk in front of a truck: This might be common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many people get distracted and forget. Even if you’re positive the truck is parked and out of gear, never walk in front of a truck—the driver may not be able to see you. This can have devastating consequences.
  • Make sure the driver sees you before opening gates or doors: Similarly, it’s important that the driver can see you before you start opening gates or doors. It’s a smart idea to teach your workers where they’ll be visible to drivers versus where their blind spots are located.
  • Make sure drivers see you before leaving the dump pit: The drivers should also be able to see you before you or they leave the dump pit. Always wear reflective safety gear, and don’t be afraid to use big gestures to catch their attention.
  • Do not use your cell phone: Cell phones can be a deadly distraction. When you’re in the dump pit, be sure to put your cell phone away unless it’s absolutely necessary. Keep your attention on what’s happening around you and any potential hazards that exist or may occur.
  • Keep walkways and operating areas clean: Crops—especially soybeans—have a tendency to spill everywhere. This creates a falling hazard if workers slip on the crops. You should periodically sweep up the walkways and operating areas several times per day.
  • Do not hoist dump bed vehicles until given the okay: Finally, make sure you don’t start hoisting the dump bed vehicles until you know it’s safe to do so and everyone is out of the way.

Keeping yourself and your workers safe is mostly a matter of communication and using good sense. Staying alert and working with the drivers will ensure that everyone stays on the same page. You should always assume that any vehicle or machinery is ready to operate at a moment’s notice, and act accordingly. As always, wear the appropriate safety equipment and reflective clothing so you’ll be clearly visible to drivers. Finally, when opening a gate or door, stand out of the way—you could easily be buried by streams of grain. Follow these tips to avoid serious injury in the dump pits in Lubbock, TX.

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