What’s the Most Common Type of Industrial Electric Motor?

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Not all electric motors in Lubbock, TX are appropriate for every application. These machines come in a variety of models to suit different settings. From AC to DC electric motors in Lubbock, TX, it’s important to know the difference between the types of motors, which are the most common and which one is best for your needs. Here’s what you need to know about the most common electric motors.

AC induction/asynchronous

This is the most common type of electric motor in Lubbock, TX. It’s reliable and economical, making it a popular choice.

Within these motors, an electric current generates a magnetic field which induces an electric current (hence, “induction” motor). The asynchronous motor gets its name from the fact that the rotor moves slower than the rotating magnetic field (not synchronized).

The simplicity of this motor’s design makes it inexpensive to construct. The basic building blocks are a rotor, stator and electromagnets. This streamlined design also reduces the potential for wear and tear, making the motor more reliable.

AC synchronous

As one might expect from the name, the significant differentiator for this motor style is the synchronous rotation of the rotor and the magnetic field. The inner workings of this type of motor are a bit more complex than asynchronous. A commutator provides a physical connection between the rotor and the electric power. This features a conductive brush that can wear out over time.

Their design makes AC synchronous motors more expensive than asynchronous models, so they are used less often. However, this style offers higher power efficiency, so the higher cost may be worth it for some applications.

DC synchronous

The availability of modern AC motors has greatly reduced the use of DC electric motors in Lubbock, TX. However, they are still available and may be appropriate in certain settings. With these motors, the rotor produces a rotating magnetic field while the stator creates a static magnetic field. These two fields attempt to align, which generates torque.

DC motors use permanent magnets rather than electromagnets, so they are not suitable for some industrial settings due to the risk of attracting other materials. Due to their construction, they are also larger and heavier than other motor styles.

Which electric motors in Lubbock, TX are best?

To determine which motor solution is appropriate for your application, consult with a professional. A company that specializes in motors and related parts can quickly and accurately assess your situation and provide valuable input for your motor selection.

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