How to Know if a Belt or a Roller Conveyor Is Right for the Job

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While it’s true that the essential function of each conveyor belt is to transport items from one area of your facility to another, it’s important to note that all conveyor belts are not created equal. The type of belt that’s used to move one product can’t necessarily be used to transport another.

The purpose of this post from your local conveyor component suppliers in Lubbock, TX is to educate you on two of the main types of conveyors: rollers and belts. Continue reading to learn the differences between the two and when you should utilize each one.

Roller conveyors

As the name suggests, roller conveyors are made of rollers that move products from one end of the line to the other. They are constructed with low-friction bearings and steel tubing with a through-shaft that powers the roller. Facilities or factories that transport boxes or flat-packaged goods should utilize roller conveyors for maximum efficiency.

The biggest downside of roller conveyors is that they can move at inconsistent speeds. If a few components start to fail and the rollers don’t move as they should, production may slow down. However, roller conveyors are easier for humans to work with, as the items are easier to move along the line.

Belt conveyors

If the items in your facility are irregular or need to move up an incline, your best bet is a belt conveyor. These machines also use rollers, but the rollers are topped with a high-friction material that moves the goods along.

Belt conveyors can move items along much faster than roller conveyors and are great for facilities that utilize machine integration, like package scanning. Factories that move heavy loads at high capacities may be better off with roller conveyors, as they tend to be more durable.

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