How Conveyor Systems Benefit Your Business

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Every time you visit a grocery store, you get a firsthand example of how conveyor systems can benefit a business. We might think of conveyors as primarily an industrial or manufacturing tool, but whatever the industry, conveyor systems are a versatile workhorse. From retail to shipping to agriculture, conveyor belts are used to automate and speed up a number of processes.

No matter what kind of business you own or operate, conveyor belts can help. Here is an overview of how you can utilize them for your benefit.

What is a conveyor belt system?

Conveyor belt systems use pulleys and a looped belt. The pulleys drive the belt, which travels in an endless loop. This makes it easy to move objects from one point to another—even if they’re heavy, large or otherwise unwieldy. Grocery store conveyors are a small version. Industrial conveyor belts can span hundreds of feet and support a great deal of weight.

The conveyor belt became popular in the 1960s. Today, they’re commonly used in manufacturing and distribution, but can benefit just about any business regardless of scope and size.

Modern conveyor belt systems come equipped with multiple safety features, including automatic shutoff and guards to keep limbs away from the moving parts. They’re often a safer way of transporting goods than forklifts and other heavy equipment.

Conveyor belt benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits that a conveyor belt system can provide:

  • Move heavy or unwieldy objects: The biggest benefit of conveyor belts is, of course, that they make it easy to move any object over a set distance. This could be anything from retail items and suitcases at the airport to heavy machinery and other large objects.
  • Maintain temperature for sensitive items: If you have temperature-sensitive items, which can’t be handled much, conveyor belts are a good way to maintain their integrity while still transporting the items.
  • Keep your inventory in order: In warehouses and distribution centers, conveyor belts can be used to keep inventory and packages in order. This is especially useful when you need to sort objects by type, destination, expiration date and more.
  • Make your facility easier to navigate: Moving around a facility is much easier when you don’t have to dodge humans or forklifts bearing inventory. Instead, you can keep traffic to a minimum while still transporting items across long distances.
  • Automate your packaging line: Many industries use conveyor belts as part of an automated packaging line. It streamlines operations, reduces the need to handle objects (like food) and improves your output.
  • Construction applications: If you work in construction or a construction-adjacent industry, conveyor belts are great for loading, moving and dumping anything from dirt and debris to tools and equipment. It’s a faster, easier way to transport—with less room for injury and error.

There are virtually endless uses for and benefits of conveyor belts. When you need a safe, simple and versatile tool, consider installing one for your business.

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