How To Fix Conveyor Belt Mistracking

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Conveyor belts can get knocked off-track sometimes when they are always in use. If you notice a conveyor belt mistracking, you need to learn what may be causing this and what you can do about it. At M.B. Mckee Company, we work on conveyor belts all the time, and we know how to fix belt mistracking so it won’t continue to knock your production levels off and cause deeper problems for your company. We seek to provide you with information so you never feel like you are alone in your journey to correct these issues. 

The Mechanics of the Belt Itself

There is a possibility that the mechanics of the belt itself are off. They may have been off from the moment that the belt was first put in place. It is possible that you didn’t notice the belt being misaligned before because it was working just fine up to a point. However, you may hit a snag as time goes on because it continues to wear and tear away at the operation of the belt until it is simply not doing what it is supposed to at all anymore. This can make the belt itself less than operational, and eventually, the belt may wear out to the point of not working at all. If you suspect that this is the case, you need professionals to repair the misalignment. 

Rotational Misalignment at the Vertical Axis

They call it a skewed idler station when there is a rotational misalignment at the vertical axis. It is important to keep that term in mind because people need to know what they are doing when they start to work on your conveyor belts. If you can let them know that you suspect that the problem is a skewed idler station, they can pinpoint the issue more rapidly and work on it right away. 

Airflow Issues

The belt is constantly met with certain airflow levels that may cause it to mistrack over time. Generally, these belts are built to deal with this kind of thing, but if there is a particularly strong airflow that continues to impact it over time, it is possible the belt can be thrown off enough to cause problems for your production. Think about how you can manage the airflow around your conveyor belts to avoid this becoming a common problem. 

Material Build-Up

Tiny pieces of material that move through the conveyor belt may get off course and end up in the mechanics of the belt itself. If this material is allowed to build up for too long, the belt may become clogged and not be capable of operating how it is supposed to. If that is the case, then you should take all actions possible to make sure you clear out the material from the conveyor belt to ensure that it is operational and not going to cause you any more problems in the future. 

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