Preventing Material Spillage From Conveyors

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Using conveyor belts in industrial settings can speed up productivity and progress. However, when spillage is an issue, the conveyor systems can also contribute to large amounts of waste.

Spillage happens any time material is spilled over the sides of the conveyor belt. When this happens before the material reaches the discharge point, waste occurs. This can increase costs and cut down on efficiency. Finding innovative ways to stop conveyor spillage is an important part of industrial efficiency. Let’s look at some ways conveyor spillage can be decreased.

Use Skirting To Seal The Load Point

Skirting can be used to reduce the amount of material lost at the load point. This creates a seal at the load point without disrupting the cover of the belt. It effectively discourages spillage and almost helps with dust.

Use a Skirt Clamp

Skirt clamps can be used to install and remove skirting easily. This makes maintenance easier and makes it safer. A good clamp will be durable and strong enough to discourage vibration. It also makes conveyor maintenance easier as well. 

Use Impact Beds

The impact bed is an important part of the conveyor components that give the conveyor protection and also provides material containment. It does this by controlling the acceleration, softening impact, decreasing damage causing vibrations, and even lengthening belt life.

Impact beds work best when used alongside skirting systems, creating a complete load zone solution.

Use an Expert

The best way to cut down on conveyor spillage is to consult with an expert. This professional will be able to assess your load zone and determine exactly where and why spillage is occurring.

After the assessment, they will be able to offer actionable tips on what can be changed to solve the problem. They can also evaluate other safety features of your conveyor system to ensure that the system is operating in a safe and sustainable way.

Consequences of Conveyor Spillage

When conveyor spillage is ignored, the consequences can worsen over time. The most significant consequence is the loss of material. Even spilled material that can be retrieved will be of less quality after retrieval. Some material will not be able to be retrieved and will be considered a loss, cutting into the bottom line as more and more money must be used to make up for the lost material or the lost value.

Conveyor spillage also contributes to a less than safe work environment. This could result in issues with safety codes or OSHA compliance. These types of issues can sometimes result in fines and fees.

To avoid these and other problems, it is best to deal with conveyor spillage problems promptly and properly.

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