What Are Mounted Bearings Used For?

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There are tons of different bearing types out there, and knowing what some of them are and what they are used for can help you determine if they are right for your project. Mounted bearings are one such bearing type that has a range of uses. Knowing what a mounted bearing is, and what it might be used for, can help you determine if it is the correct bearing for you.

What Are Mounted Bearings?

Mounted bearings are those mechanical bearings that are already mounted to a frame or an assembly and that do not need to be assembled or created. These bearings are often used in machines that are very large and that need to have their bearings in a fixed position. They can be used for supporting end shafts, for conveyor rollers, and more and are most often used when the bearing needs to be in a fixed position that is not going to be moving around.

Mounted bearings are often used in civil engineering applications and can be called slide bearings. They come in a range of sizes and can be specialized to the application they will be used for. They are frictionless and are fantastic if you want a versatile bearing that can be used for a range of different applications.

This type of bearing is most often used in very large applications or applications where the bearing will not need to be moved or removed from the current position. They are also called jewelry bearings and are very useful in a wide range of machinery and applications.

What Are Mechanical Bearings Used In?

Mechanical bearings are used in nearly any machine or item that has moving or rotating parts. The bearing allows for smooth, frictionless rotation, or linear movement in some cases. Friction reduction helps to make things more efficient, it helps to save energy, and it helps to make the overall performance of the item or machine better.

Bearings can be found in nearly everything that you come in contact with or use every day. From your refrigerator to your car to the computer you use to check your social media, bearings are essential to the proper and efficient movement and function of most things that we use every day. Mechanical bearings vary in size, shape and in overall structure and can be different depending on the application that they are being created for.


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