What Is an Unmounted Bearing?

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Bearings are used in many mechanical devices, and the automotive driveshaft is one of them. The purpose of such bearings is to prevent friction from occurring between two mechanical parts. You’ll need to consider a few factors before purchasing bearings for your vehicle.

Unmounted bearings are items you may want to consider. The following is some information on these types of mechanical bearings, how they can benefit you, and where you can get them if you need them for your vehicle. 

What are unmounted bearings?

Unmounted bearings do not require any type of housing before they can be applied to the driveshaft. These types of bearings do not have any mounting flange housing or anything like that. They can offer multiple benefits to an auto mechanic or shop. 

What are the benefits of using unmounted bearings?

The most common type of unmounted bearings used is ball bearings. Several benefits make choosing these unmounted bearings an excellent choice for driveshafts. One benefit is that they are much less bulky and have much more flexibility than many other types of products.

Another benefit is that they contribute to vehicle efficiency by relieving the brakes and other components from having to take on a large amount of stress. Furthermore, they help to dampen the shock when the driver presses the brakes hard.

Additionally, they may have a longer life than other types of bearings. Many more benefits exist for using these types of ball bearings, but you get the point. They’re a great choice if you’re trying to find the most useful parts for a vehicle. 

Are there different types of unmounted bearings?

Various shapes and sizes of unmounted bearings exist. There are probably 150,000 different types of ball bearings alone. Thus, it would be wise to speak to a professional parts creator about which bearings would be the most suitable for your project. 

Ball bearings usually carry that name because of the small balls they have in their design. Some of the different types of ball bearings include thrust ball, single row angular, precision angular, and ball screw and spindle.

Some of the other types of ball bearings available are roller bearings, rod ends, track rollers, plain bearings, and more. Multiple products exist within each category of bearings. An expert can help you pick the types that will benefit you and the products you create the most in the end.  

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