Governments and Food Companies Need to Work Together

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With climate change being such a major threat not only to the environment but also to the survival of the human race, it’s time to put differences aside and work together for survival. Governments and food company cooperation can be key to finding a solution to this issue before it’s too late.

The Urgent Matter of Sustainability

The world is in a rush to advocate and promote sustainable living so that it can help ease the harmful effects of modern society on the planet. According to a report from some of the world’s largest food groups, there’s plenty of room for improvement on world agricultural practices. 

Many food and agricultural businesses have been heeding this advocacy in recent years, switching to and adopting methods that would be more beneficial for them, while still being sustainable. 

Among these include the implementation of regenerative farming practices, which aim to reduce green gas emissions, as well as promote soil health and water conservation. Today, these practices are being applied to as much as 15% of croplands around the world. 

Despite these efforts, however, the campaign is still going too slow for comfort. In order to achieve the set global climate goals by 2030, regenerative farming practices must triple the amount of its spread and application.

And it’s such an important goal, too, which is to keep the earth’s temperature under 1.5C. This level is crucial because once it’s breached, even more catastrophic effects of climate change will occur. 

But the food industry’s efforts only make up half of the equation. 

Political Will Required

In order for these goals to be achieved, and for any significant changes to be actually made, governments must step in and recognize the urgency of the matter. Solutions must then be introduced into legislation and made into policies that can be applied across the board. 

These policies can work in conjunction with the systems put in place by agricultural and food groups that will be primarily affected by the changes. Also, it should encourage more sustainable farming benefits and not be a punitive measure. 

The matter of food supply, after all, is very much political because it directly impacts the lives of people. If the matter of climate change is not addressed through advocacy for more sustainable farming practices, then climate change will have a much more devastating effect on everyone, politicians, businessmen, and regular folks alike. 

At a time like this when a major crisis is on hand, the most important thing is for everyone to set their differences aside and work together to find a solution.


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