How Farming Must Change or Risk ‘Destroying the Planet’

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The agriculture industry is one of the most important in the world as it helps to ensure that people have access to the food they need to live healthy lives. While this industry provides a valuable service to the entire world, it also can do some harm to the planet and the environment. The farming and agriculture industry can harm the planet in various ways, and changes will need to be made to make this practice greener and more sustainable.  

How Farming Harms the Planet

Today, farming can harm the planet in various ways. Some of the ways that it can impact the planet are as follows:

Use of Chemicals and Pesticides

Farmers have used pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals for a long time. While these chemicals have helped to yield larger crop sizes, they can damage the environment and be unhealthy for someone to consume. The use of organic farming in recent years has helped to reduce this.

Use of Fresh Water

Access to fresh water continues to be a concern for people all over the globe. While the lack of water is due to various factors, farming is not helping. Many types of crops require a significant amount of water to be grown.

Destroying Soil and Habitats

Standard farming practices also have the habit of destroying habitats for various types of animals. This can also make the land unusable for further growth after a period of time. If practices continue, it could make it difficult to grow crops in the future.

Farming Changes To Be Made

Overall, there are many needed sustainable farming changes to ensure that it does not impact the planet moving forward. Some of the changes that will be needed can include the following:

  • Reduce the use of hazardous chemicals. Instead, focus more on organic farming or growing crops that do not require these chemicals.
  • Find ways to reduce fresh water usage. This can be done through improved technology to maximize water efficiency or avoid the growth of certain crops that use more water than others.
  • Farmers should look for ways to protect wildlife in the area. This includes not disrupting active nests and ensuring animals have an area to live and thrive.
  • Farmers should try to reduce their carbon footprint when possible. Continued advancements in electric machines and engines will provide more opportunities for this in the future.

Farming and agriculture have continued to impact the environment, and the current trends are not sustainable. Fortunately, there are ways that farming can change that would help improve the environment. For those wondering how farming needs to change, various changes could be made to help make the industry more environmentally friendly.  

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