Tips for Maintaining Your Belt Conveyor

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Running a belt conveyor system for your production facility doesn’t have to be a major challenge if you understand how to keep it operational and secure. Here are six tips for maintaining your belt conveyor that ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently with minimal problems.

1. Consider Preventative Maintenance

Preventing belt problems is the best way to maximize your production efficiency. For example, you need to regularly inspect all components, like belt connectors and the belt surface, to ensure they are strong. Replace any damaged or weaker items to ensure your belt runs smoothly. If you’re unsure how to maintain your belt conveyer this way, check the manual to learn more.

2. Pick the Proper Conveyor System

It’s not uncommon for some manufacturers to mistakenly purchase the wrong belt system and experience real complications. Your belt should be able to handle your specific product’s weight, handle the speed of your production, and handle things like metal detection and sorting. Work with your conveyor belt installation team to better understand what type of system you need.

3. Regularly Clean Your Belt

Schedule weekly or even daily cleaning of your belt’s components, such as cleaning belt scrapers, lifters, CIP systems, and much more. Cleaning these units regularly can ensure that your unit doesn’t break down and avoid common errors, such as oil buildup throughout the system. Find someone on your team who understands this process and can handle it effectively for you.

4. Test the Bearings

Your unit’s bearings help keep it running smoothly and minimize devastating wear and tear that can cause it to break down more quickly. Inspect your bearings at least once a month and lubricate them, if necessary. Always clean any lubricant that gets onto your belt to avoid damaging it. When you notice loose bearings, get them replaced immediately to avoid damaging your system.

5. Align Your Pulley Properly

If your pulley alignment is inaccurate, your belt conveyor may not just struggle to operate but could put unnecessary tension on the cross-section and damage it. As a result, it is essential to regularly check and align your pulley to keep it operating smoothly. Otherwise, the belt may wear unevenly and could even snap, causing a serious production problem in your facility.

6. Manage Belt Slippage

Belt slippage is a common problem caused by improper tension or loading items too heavy for your system. When your belt slips, it will run erratically and even damage your whole system. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this problem by regularly checking the belt tension and tightening or loosening it up, as needed, to minimize wear and tear issues.

Keep Your Facility Safe

These simple tips for maintaining your belt conveyor should ensure that your production facility runs smoothly and effectively. If you run into any complications with your system and aren’t sure what you can do, call a maintenance team immediately to get the hands-on help you need.

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